FLI Summit

Summer 2017 FLI Practitioner Training Summit


June 13-16, 2017


Summit Location:

SouthPoint Casino & Spa Las Vegas

Discounted rooms available…


9777 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89183
United States
(866) 791-7626

Group Code: FAM0610

Conference Agenda Overview & Meals

June 13-15, 2017

Begin at 8:00am-Conclude at 3:30pm

Breakfast and Lunch provided.

June 16, 2017

Begin at 8:00am-Conclude at 1:00pm

Breakfast provided.

The FLI Practitioner’s Conference is a four-day training for FLI Practitioners. Practitioners walk away with the necessary tools, strategies and education necessary to successfully implement the FLI in their school district.

Bring the Family Leadership Institute to your community! Districts, schools, or organizations receive their Practitioner Certification and 2-year license agreement in June 2017. Future practitioners will receive the FLI Curriculum Training Guide, a sample participant guide, and a sample graduation kit.

Registration Types & Descriptions

Facilitator Training

FLI Facilitators receive training and certification to deliver the FLI at their designated sites. Facilitators receive the FLI Facilitator Guide, certification, and other resource materials.

Facilitator Assistant Training

Facilitator Assistant Training is ideal for building a partnership with your community’s parent leaders.

Parents attend the training alongside the facilitators. FLI Facilitator Assistants receive their own Facilitator Assistant Guide and certification to assist the FLI Facilitator. Parents return with their new leadership skills ready to assist with building the bridge between the schools and families.


The Observer Registration is reserved for those interested in learning more about the benefits of investing in the FLI and exploring how the curriculum will work within their community. We welcome principals, superintendents, school board members, and other administrators to join us as observers, and participate in the summit alongside their school district, school, or organization.

In addition, Observers will receive a credit that may be applied to their next registration if they wish to return for facilitator certification training.


  • $2,500 per Facilitator Training and Facilitator Assistant Training
  • $750 per Observer Registration
  • $5,000 per FLI Two-Year License Agreement per FLI Hosting School or Site

Registration Includes:

  • A four-day practitioner’s training of the ten-module curriculum facilitated by certified FLI practitioners.
  • Useful training tools and suggested parent recruiting methods.
  • Hands-on training in English. However, translation services will be available on-site for Spanish-only participants.
  • A FLI Facilitator’s Curriculum Guide per registered practitioner in either English or Spanish.
  • Facilitator Assistant registrations will receive a Facilitator Assistant Guide in their language of choice.
  • FLI Participant Guide provided to all registration types.
  • Sample FLI Graduation Kit: Tote, pad folio, graduation pin, and certificate holder. Kits are available to all registration types.
  • Continental breakfast and lunch included June 13-15, 2017. Breakfast to be provided June 16, 2017.

* Hotel and airfare are not included.

About the Family Leadership Institute

parent and child

The Family Leadership Institute (FLI) is a multi-faceted educational program focused on providing Hispanic families with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to help their first and second generation children succeed in school and in life.  Recognizing and respecting the changing demographics throughout the U.S., we also offer a multi-cultural approach for all families.

The FLI primary objective is to teach parents and caregivers the art and skill of family leadership in support of academic achievement and life success.  We do this by using a practical, ten-step approach, based on and appropriate to all families, especially the Hispanic culture.

Our goals are to increase involvement of families in their children’s education as well as provide purpose, tools, and direction to parents and their children to achieve academic and life success.

We also are committed to produce a cadre of knowledgeable and committed parents and caregivers who actively support school and community efforts to benefit their children and encourage other families to do the same.  The training consists of the following key concepts:

  • Home: Where Leadership Begins
  • Past, Present, and Future
  • Living in Two Worlds: Cultural/Generational Perspective
  • Storytelling & Journaling: Valuing Literacy Through Family History
  • Education:  The Key to a Better Future
  • College Field Trip: What Does Success Look Like
  • Improving Family/School Relationships
  • Facing Challenges at Home: Coping Strategies for Success
  • Creating a Family Action Plan: Roadmaps to Success
  • Celebrating Family Academic Excellence: Success as a Way of Life
Visit the FLI Program page to learn more about the Family Leadership Institute.