NAHREP & Disneyland Trip

Posing at DisneylandWhat a terrific weekend! It is always a huge improvement on my ADD/HD mind to focus and let things be.

We all started off to L.A. in two cars. We ate and ate and ate…did I mention we drove too? Lol

We got to our hotel, which my daughter, Consuelito, had arranged (and by the way, Consuelito, what a place you got us – so beautiful and close by – Gracias, Gracias!).

The twins and my husband, David, opted for Adventure Land (or something like that) and I, along with our family friend, Elsa, went to Disneyland with my son-in-law, Papo, my daughter, K.C., and the Queen Bee herself, my grand-daughter, Illy.

We spent 10 hours in Disneyland and what a place that is. I hope I can take my grandchildren to Disneyland again some time soon. It is truly a kid’s fairyland. Thank You, Nana (a.k.a., Illy) for allowing me to use you as my best excuse to go.

We continued eating our way through Southern California and eventually arrived at the NAHREP Convention hotel. Lo and behold, we were in the same hotel as the EMMYS!

Well, the day of my keynote finally arrived and there I was, looking into the eyes of 2,000 awesome NAHREP folks. I was cut down to twenty minutes initially, but the public said ‘No way. Keep Talking!’, so I spoke for another ten minutes courtesy of the NAHREP president and audience members. It was a blast! Yes, I slipped again and said Pinche (oops, I did it again). Aye, I need to reform…

I wish to thank my world class team of Papo, KC, and Elsa. They were ready for the mass of people interested in purchasing my book.

Oh, I must add that Nana took center stage and worked her magic on everyone. She was not shy and pretty much looked at the audience with a look that said, “love me, you know you want to.”

We tried our new credit card gizmo and it worked like magic. We sold and sold and sold.

KC, because she knows her mother well, very calmly did our PR, and kept track of all the business cards. We have quite a bit of leads and folks are even creating events for me to visit. We even had folks that want to help us with our youth programs. Wow. Nice people to say the least.

After my speech, David and the twins went on ahead to Vegas while the rest of us stayed to sell as many books as we could. Every time we thought we were done, some folks would drop in and buy again. What a nice problem to have. We are so grateful to NAHREP for the opportunity.

I just found out that I only have three days open between now and January. We are going to do our best to fit everyone in who needs a keynote.

Now I am off to two weeks of non-stop travel and I am truly excited about it all. It was indeed special to spend time with my famlly because after all, it is family that matters most.

Love, Chelo


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