SLiCK Student Leadership Program

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SLiCK is a revolutionary, innovative, and interactive series of student leadership workshops geared towards students. SLiCK stands for Student Leadership Inspired by Consuelo Kickbusch.

The SLiCK program harnesses leadership skills within each student; skills necessary to achieve personal growth, resulting in a desire to create positive change in their lives and in their community.

Five-Step Approach to Student Leadership

Over the course of five Saturday mornings, the SLiCK Team engages students with a combination of motivational presentations, team building activities, small group discussions and individual personal development assignments.

On each individual day, a particular theme is covered; SLiCK has a dual meaning. Each day engages an important component in living a “SLiCK Life.” The SLiCK Life is about having Soul, being a Leader, knowing your Identity, embracing your Culture and pursuing Knowledge.

The SLiCK program is designed to:

  • Increase academic excellence through student engagement.
  • Provide students with the purpose, tools and direction necessary to achieve personal and academic success.
  • Produce active student leaders who will serve their families, schools and communities with distinction and encourage other students to do the same.
  • Institute leadership, pride and education as important keys to success.

SLiCK 4.0 – College Leadership Program

The program is designed not only to inspire, but also to allow students the time to discover the true reason they have decided to pursue a college degree.

Our curriculum is highlighted by our SLiCK Educational GamePlan that will prepare your student to fully engage in all your college has to offer while becoming an exemplary student ambassador in the process. SLiCK 4.0 will allow students to discover their passion, reasons they may not be doing as well as they could be doing in college, and create a new support group that demands success of each and every of its members, the SLiCK Society.


SLiCK Testimonials

“SLiCK helped me a lot. It changed me a lot with my parents and thankfully we have been closer than ever. My brother and I don’t fight anymore. I’m more honest to myself and I BELIEVE in myself much more.”

Patricia R., Student at HISD

“I learned about forgiveness in the FLI so I went out to look for my son who had run away. I encouraged him to return to school and mentioned SLICK. After two sessions, I can attest that my son has gone from being a drop out to making the best grades he has ever made.”

Juana R., Parent at HISD

Founded by Consuelo Kickbusch

When asked to design a student leadership program, Consuelo gathered the young members of her company, whom she affectionately calls the “Younginz.” These young, motivational leaders came together from all over the country to create a student leadership program that would motivate, inspire and uplift future generations of leaders, just as Consuelo did for them.

Though the team members were from various backgrounds and cultures, they all shared one thing in common: Each of them has been personally mentored, coached, motivated, and inspired by Consuelo. And so the name of the program was clear…SLiCK – Student Leadership Inspired by Consuelo Kickbusch.

For information, please contact our office at: (888) 354-4747, or contact us here.